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What is the difference between a pulse capacitor and a common capacitor
Edit:    Release time:2018-01-08

Pulse capacitors can store the charging power of small power in a long time interval. When needed, the energy in short time intervals will soon be released, forming strong impact current and strong impact power.
The pulse capacitor has two materials: one is a film type, the other is a ceramic.
Compared with the thin films, the ceramics have higher voltage characteristics. The advantage of the film capacitance is that its capacity is higher than the ceramic capacitor.
The commonly used pulsed ceramic capacitors are PC ceramics. A ceramic capacitor with a dielectric constant of 400 can work at 55 to +125 degrees. The temperature change rate is less than 5%. It has the characteristics of ultra high voltage and pulse. The current optoelectronic military equipment and electromagnetic pulse military equipment use more PC materials. Its pulse life is more than 1 million times.
Of course, there is also a test - level pulse capacitor. Many scientific research units use N4700 ceramics as pulse capacitors. This material can also meet the needs of the user to a certain extent, but if there is a large number of equipment, life is not enough. The product lifespan in the capacitor industry is about 3000 to 50 thousand pulses.
The dielectric constant of N4700 medium is between 1800 and 2000. The temperature range is between 25 degrees and +85 degrees, and the temperature change rate is about 20%.
Therefore, in the field of ceramic capacitors, the PC pulse medium is a real pulse capacitor.
Pulse capacitor for impulse voltage generator, pulse current generator and oscillation circuit high voltage test device, in addition, can also be used for electromagnetic forming, molding, grinding, hydro hydraulic energy storage welding, submarine exploration and production of high temperature plasma super impact magnetic field, strong impact of laser light source, etc..

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