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DC support capacitors
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Absorption capacitor
Absorption capacitor

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The function of the absorption capacitor in the circuit is similar to the low pass filter, which can absorb the peak voltage. Usually used in insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), eliminate the voltage spikes caused by stray inductance busbar, avoid the damage of the insulated gate bipolar transistor.
Absorption capacitor structure
Special structure, interior design and surface spraying technology on double-sided metallized film, the capacitor with low inductance, a plurality of leads design, can withstand higher ripple current, high du/dv and high voltage capacity. It is used for all kinds of IGBT buffer line wave absorption and all kinds of high frequency resonant circuits.
Capacitor structure: double layer metallized film, internal series structure
Package: flame retardant plastic shell, epoxy resin package, (UL94V-0) standard.
Size: suitable for all kinds of IGBT protection.

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