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DC support capacitors
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DC support capacitor
DC support capacitor

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The DC support capacitor, also known as the DC-Link capacitor. DC support capacitor, which belongs to a passive device. DC link capacitor, we mainly use polypropylene film dielectric DC supporting capacitor, having a high withstand voltage, high current, low impedance, low inductance, capacity loss, leakage current and low temperature performance, fast charging and discharging, long service life (about 100 thousand hours), good stability, no safety the polarity of the advantages of easy installation. It is widely used in the power electronics industry.
New energy industry: photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter and so on.
Energy saving industry: high voltage inverter and so on.
Power industry: large high-frequency switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply UPS, emergency power EPS, intermediate frequency power supply, DC regulated power supply, electroplating power supply, power generation and so on.
Power quality industry: dynamic synchronous reactive compensator SVG, active power filter APF and so on.
Automobile industry: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, etc.
Electric locomotive industry: locomotive traction converter, subway, high speed rail, light rail, tram, etc.

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