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DC capacitors
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DC capacitor DGMJ4-1000
DC capacitor DGMJ4-1000

The DC capacitor is mainly composed of the metallized element and the built-in cooling tube. The enclosure is made of Aluminum Alloy bending welding capacitor on both sides of the wall are welded for lifting and installation support, water pipe and bushing copper terminals with cover box, box filled to improve the partial discharge performance of the capacitor and avoid special capacitor element oxygen special vegetable oil. Some capacitors are equipped with overpressure protection devices.
Conditions for use of DC capacitor:
1. the altitude of no more than 2000m, ambient air temperature - 25 centigrade ~50 C, indoor use.
2. installation site without severe mechanical vibration, no harmful gas and steam, no conductive dust.
The 3.. Runs in a continuous voltage of 1.0Un and the maximum allowable voltage is 1.1Un.
4. steady state over current (including harmonic current) is not more than 1.3In.
The remaining voltage of 5. electricity is not more than 10% of the rated voltage.
6. the temperature of the cooling water is not more than 30 degrees C, the water flow in the condenser cooling water pipe is not less than 6L/min.

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