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Pulse capacitor
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Pulse capacitor
Pulse capacitor

Capacitors are widely used in magnetizing machine, demagnetization machine, laser power supply, medical equipment, welding machine; DC high voltage equipment, rectifier filter circuit, continuous pulse oscillation device, impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, impulse voltage divider and other non continuous pulse device.
Technical characteristics
Capacity range: C=200 mu F ~ 5000 mu F, which can be higher according to the requirement
Capacity deviation: generally + 5%, can be smaller according to the requirements
Charge and discharge times: up to 20000000 times
Rated voltage: Un=1.0KV to 5.0KV, anti peak voltage up to 80%
Tan delta: < 10 x 10-4 (20, 100Hz)
Use of ambient temperature: -20 C ~ 75 C
Execution standards: JB/T8168-1999 or customer standards

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